Insert an Image into Your Post

Find Your Image

To add images to your text, click the icon to the right of “Upload / Insert“. There are options to upload a new image file from your computer (smaller than 20 MB) or see the “gallery” or “media library” of other images that have been uploaded.

Title and Alt Text

It’s good to set a “Title” and “Alternate Text.” Alternate text displays for screen readers if the image doesn’t load, and is helpful for search engines. Title text is what shows up if a cursor hovers over the image. “Link URL” can be empty (click “none“) unless you want people to click on the image to go somewhere.

Image Alignment

Pick the alignment depending on whether you want the text to wrap and on which side, right, left, or none. Also, there will be an option to choose a default size.

Insert Your Image

Click “Insert into Post” to make the image or file link appear in your web page.

If you then want to edit an image already added to a page, single-click on the image and then choose one of the icons that appear in the upper left corner. A link to a file (such as a PDF) may be created the same way.