Inserting Links into Posts

Linking to a Web Page

To add links in your text to other pages, select your text and click on the “Insert / Edit” link tool in the WordPress editor. You will see a list of pages currently on your website that can be selected and linked to. This way you won’t have to find and paste in the URL of the destination page if it is a page on your site.

Linking a Document File

To link to a file (pdf, doc, xls) …

  1. click the “Add Media” button when editing a post or page
  2. You can choose media from your computer, from URL, or the media library
  3. For “Title” fill in the text for the link. We recommend something like “Download the such and such (PDF)”
  4. Skip the “Caption” and “Description
  5. For “Link” make sure to click the “File URL” button
  6. Click the button “Insert into Post

Target Blank?

Don’t bother setting the Target to Blank, the default is fine. We typically program websites to automatically open all external websites in a new window.

Please contact us to disable to enable this feature for your website.