Editing and Adding WordPress Pages

Finding the Right Page

The “Pages” link in the left navigation will give you a full list of pages. From there, you can search pages or select the the page you would like to edit, trash, or view.

Adding a Page

To add a page simply select “Pages / Add Pages” to the left inside the WordPress admin. Adding pages can change the navigation, so you will need to very carefully select the correct “Attributes” on the right side of the screen. In most cases, the main thing you will need to do is select the right “Parent” from the dropdown. This is the bucket that the page lives within. If the page you created is not ready for public view, select “Draft” from the “Status” dropdown to the right.

Editing a Page

The page name (the field above the text editor) is many times the link that is displayed in the navigation. Please be very thoughtful about changing the name as this could affect the navigation links.

  • When editing pages, the tool bar above the text editing area will give you a little description of each icon if you hover over it.
  • When copying text, remember to “clean” the formatting by either first pasting and copying the text into your computer’s Notepad program (Accessories->Notepad), or select the “Kitchen Sink” icon in the tool bar and then the “Paste as Plain Text” icon that removes formatting in the second row.
  • To style the your text, use the “Format” drop down list to select paragraph or a heading level. You may also select bold and italic to highlight portions of text and use numbered or bulleted lists to make text easy to read.
  • For single spaces, press shift + enter on your keyboard.
  • Remember to save your work (typically the “Update Page” link on the right).

Hiding, Unhiding, and Reordering Pages

There are several options for hiding, unhiding, and reordering pages, but we recommend using “pageMash“, which can be located under “Pages” on the left of your screen.

Hiding and Unhiding

Hidden pages are in grey. They can still be edited by hovering your pointer on the page name and clicking “Edit“. They will not be listed in the site’s navigation menus.

Hover your pointer on the page name and you will see “hide” as an option. Click this to hide or unhide a page.


You can also reorder pages from “pageMash”, but please be very careful as it is easy to accidentally rearrange pages. Fortunately, your ordering changes are not saved until you click “Update” at the bottom of the page, so you can just leave this view by clicking on another link if you have made changes you don’t want to save.

Deleting a Page

In most cases, you will likely want to change to a draft state or hide pages that you would not like to appear on the site. This allows the information to remain saved in the WordPress admin area. In the event that you do want to delete a page entirely from the database, you can easily do so by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Pages” button to the left inside the WordPress admin.
  2. You should now be viewing a list of all of your pages with a checkmark box next to each page.
  3. Hover your mouse over the pages and you will see the option to “Trash” a page.
  4. Click “Trash.”