pageMash is a tool for page organization. Clicking “Expand All” will show all child pages (sub-pages), and “Collapse all” will hide them. You can also double click on the icon next to the page name to collapse / expand that page’s children / sub-pages.

Re-Ordering Pages

Click and drag on the page title (or the icon next to the page title) to move the page (and the pages children) to a new location. By moving the page up, keeping your mouse towards the left side of the list of pages, it will move the page up and down the list. If you begin to move your mouse over to the right, the page(s) will become children of the page you are closest to.

This clicking and dragging can take some time to get used to, but you can always leave the page (without clicking update at the bottom) and come back and try again if things get really messed up.

Hiding Pages

  1. Hover over the arrows next to the page name, and then click on the [hide] link that pops up.
  2. Click it again to unhide the page.
  3. When you are done, make sure to click update at the bottom of the page.